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Health Services

Naturopathic Medicine

Seeing a functional medicine practitioner is an investment in your health. This distinct style of medicine focuses on treating the individual by understanding the unique ways that the facets of each patient relate. Dr. Hennigar is trained to assess your health in many aspects from psychological to biochemical, spiritual to social. 

Treatment incorporates natural methods both modern and traditional. When creating a treatment plan, she will also examine current diagnoses, treatments, medications, your goals and needs and any unaddressed health concerns to make a plan that works for you.

Dr. Hennigar’s step-by-step plans truly reflects your health goals. Treatment focuses on using targeted, reliable testing to get a clear picture of your health at the beginning of treatment so that your care is addressing your condition and making the best uses of your time and resources. Retesting as treatment progresses allows you to see your progress, in addition to how you feel. It also gives tangible evidence, backed by medical research, from which to continually evaluate your treatment plan.

Botanical Medicine

Plants are the original medicines that were used for thousands of years before modern medicine invented drugs. Many of our first drugs like Aspirin come directly from plants. Acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) is the active component in Aspirin that is comes from the bark of the willow tree. Herbal medicines can be used to balance blood sugar in diabetes, regulate mood, balance hormones, regulate insomnia and help us defend our bodies from viruses, bacteria, yeasts and cancer. Most herbs are more gentle acting than standard medications, but some herbs are also very powerful. Like all medicines, herbal medicines should only be prescribed by a knowledgeable practitioner who can interpret drug interactions with current medications you are taking.


Mindfulness is all about being tuned into the present moment. Generally speaking, the more we focus on the present, the less likely we are to ruminate (think compulsively) about the past or the future. Less rumination usually means less stress. Mindfulness practice includes seated and lying down meditations but also could be as simple as a present walk in the park noticing trees, grass, wind on your face, whatever your senses are exposed to. In time this awareness expands beyond exercises and into the rest of life allowing us to fully grasp what we encounter inside and outside of ourselves.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) involves unpacking thoughts, feeling and behaviors that occur in our lives to understand them and then purposefully retrain our behaviours. Mindfulness helps us facilitate CBT principles in our lives by allowing us to see a progression in our minds from what we experience with our senses, the thoughts we think about the situation, the feelings we have in response to those thoughts and the behaviors that we end up carrying out as a result of this domino effect. Overall the principles of MBCT allow us to reduce stress in our lives by actually changing our brain structure and thought patterns.

Mindfulness can assist those who are:

  • Stressed, Anxious and Depressed
  • Irritable, Confrontational and Highly sensitive
  • Living with chronic illness and pain
  • Struggling with their relationship with food.
  • Having difficulty loving themselves

Women’s Health

Female health is much more complex than male health. Genetics, diet, toxin exposure, stress and other influences can all disrupt female hormone balance and cause changes to menstrual cycles, mood, sleep and sexual function. Reproductive organ conditions like fibroids, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome and others usually have a hormonal component to them. Historically, women’s health has been largely under supported by modern medicine. The most common “solution” is to prescribe women the pill or some other hormonal medication that masks symptoms but doesn’t address the underlying mechanisms that perpetuate their condition. Most of these conditions can affect fertility which often top of mind for many women as they grow older, waiting longer to have children than ever before. More in depth testing of hormones, addressing gastrointestinal health and genetic testing provide valuable information for creating holistic treatment plans for women’s health issues.


Through Dr. Hennigar’s experience with patients hundreds of patients, she realized that people have difficulty putting themselves first and making the changes in their lives that they wish to see. Coaching is an in-depth look at how your experiences in your life shape the way you view the life you have and the choices you make. Once you understand the connections between your health with functional medicine and the unique understanding of yourself that coaching bring, you’re truly free to life the life you’ve always dreamed of. Interested in coaching? It really needs to be experienced to be understood. Book a coaching session free of charge to find out how I can help


Initial Consult (1st appointment – up to 45 minutes)

During this appointment, you’ll have the opportunity to share your perspective on your health history and your goals. Through this discussion, Dr. Hennigar will develop a recommendation for appropriate lab tests (if any) that would be helpful to understand your health. These tests combined with your recent blood work and physical exam in your second appointment will create the foundation for your treatment plan.

This appointment can take place in the clinic or via phone or video.

Case Review (2nd appointment – up to 90 minutes)

The Case Review consultation is a 90-minute appointment focused on discussing the underlying patterns identified in your lab work, health history, questionnaires and physical exam. Preparing for your Case Review includes completing blood work, lab tests and your health history questionnaires.

The Case Review begins with a brief physical exam relevant in your case. After that, your test results will be discussed and Dr. Hennigar will explain her thoughts on your case. The first phase of your treatment plan will be explained and Dr. Hennigar will also answer any questions you have regarding your diagnosis, treatment plan, or anything else related to your care.

This appointment must take place in person.

Coaching Appointment (up to 90 minutes)

This appointment is available if you have been invited to experience coaching by Dr. Hennigar, or are an existing coaching client.

Extended Appointment (up to 60 minutes )

An extended appointment may be booked on Dr. Hennigar’s recommendation if a number of items need to be addressed in one visit.

This appointment can occur in the clinic or via phone or video.

Regular Appointment (up to 45 minutes)

Regular appointments are the standard amount of time usually required for an appointment.

This appointment can take place in the clinic or via phone or video.

Brief Appointment (up to 15 minutes)

A brief appointment is for discussing acute or minor concerns, your treatment plan, support for a cold or flu, discussions about testing etc. This appointment can take place in the clinic or via phone or video. If you are booking this appointment because you have a physical ailment, this should be booked as an in clinic appointment.

Injection Appointment (up to 10 minutes)

An injection appointment is for a B12 or similar injection. If an advanced injection is used this appointment fee will be adjusted.

Blood Draw Appointment (up to 10 minutes)

Blood draw appointments are to be booked when a blood sample is required for testing that is to be sent out for analysis.

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